Register TM

by NetDev Corporation



Hybrid Cloud & Windows System
  • Access your products, customers, sales and reports from anywhere you want to work.​​
  • Your data is always up to date, safe and available by simple secured log in.
  • Works with any browser on any computer device with a stand browser (PC, Mac and Tablets).
  • Register (with AutoSync) works even if your internet connection is down. 
  • Works with any browser on any computer device with a stand browser (PC, Mac and Tablets).
Simple Key, Scan & Touch Feature Register
Standard, User Defined & Custom Reports
Product Pricing & Purchasing Control
  • It's Fast and Simple!   Designed with transaction logic that minimizes keystrokes while allowing all features.​​
  • Create you own touch buttons with any image, then group, sort and organize your button layout.
  • Scan your items or use quick lookups by partial number, description, category, price and more...
  • Optionally capture customer information and allow account discounts and tax changes.
  • Intuitive quick keys for easy to remember quantity, payment, lookup, receipt, void and finish options.
  • Integrated devices using Open POS compatiblity for the greatest assortment and selection.
  • Default company pricing and order levels or custom prices and levels for each of your stores.
  • Pricing based on volume purchased, by customer account, and/or sale date ranges.
  • Purchase with automated min/max levels.  Cost average shipping and buydown adjustments.
  • Assign breakdown items for repackaging cartons, packs and cases.  Auto-Repack as items are sold.
  • Change standard, volume and sale pricing by custom product groups or by integrated supplier update.
  • Standard reports with custom filters for sales, product usage, purchasing, adjustments, and more...
  • Custom data reports allow you to use Pivot Grid technology for comparing data by date, store, etc.
  • Preview reports on screen with zoom and navigation, then print, save or export to Excel and PDF formats.
  • Determine product trends, sale pricing results, product profitablity, and other analysis statistics.
  • Custom reports, integration and management tools can be designed specifically for your business.
  • Unlimited number of stores and be added to your company account.
  • Unlimited number of registers and users for each of company stores.
  • Access to products, pricing, purchasing, adjustments, vendors and customer records as defined by you.
  • Custom integrations with customers, vendors and other software and processes are available.
  • Large client and franchise branding, hosting and customizations are available.
Multi-Store & Multi-Register Flexibility