Register TM

by NetDev Corporation



NetDev Corporation is a partner to small and medium sized businesses who are seeking to align their business with intelligent solutions in Point-Of-Sale, Payment Applications, System Integrations and Secured Web Portals. 

"It's so simple to just use the enter key and let the program take you to where you need to be.  Our cashiers can learn to run the register in about 20 minutes.  Everyone loves the new system.  Thank you for making everything a smooth transition."


KN, Client

"NetDev has been great in upgrading our old register system to theirs.  You took care of the data transfers, installation and training.  I could not believe that our stores could be up and running on Register so quickly."


MP, Client

NetDev Corporation has extensive management experience in building, deploying, operating and maintaining, state-of-the-art solutions. Leveraging technical knowledge and experience in numerous programming platforms and database solutions provides a stable and reliable partner for managing your data.  We pride ourselves in the ability to analyze and support the unique needs of organizations throughout the software development life cycle - taking a vision and creating reality.


Custom development of solutions for our clients is our background – Commercial subscription based packages for new clients is the result. With our specific industry knowledge and experience, NetDev has developed Register as one of it's key products of focus.


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"Compared to the other systems we have used, Register is by far much superior...  It's fast at the checkouts...  The manager reports and custom data reports are essential in our daily operations."


AC, Client