Register TM

by NetDev Corporation

Vendors & Distributors

Simple to use Register  &  Powerful Management Tools

Recommended Store Types

Are you building an Empire?

  • Perfect for High Volume Checkout
  • Convenience Stores
  • Liquor / Tobacco Stores
  • Hardware / Garden / Supply Stores
  • Bakeries / Candy / Confectionery Stores
  • Music / Consumer Electronics Stores
  • Gift / Newsstand / Sporting Stores

RegisterTM can be customized and branded for your chain of businesses.  All product pricing, ordering, transfering etc. can be assigned at the Company or Store access levels.  Your management reporting can be  consolidated and Stores compared.  

Let NetDev create your Custom Solution!

Enhance customer convenience and loyalty while streamlining the ordering process.

 RegisterTM supports third party integrations for updating product cost, automating price calculations, transmit and receive orders, and more...